At the sound of your waterfalls

oh! How I have missed you,Child of God. I am thrilled to be writing to you today. We are like old friends chatting over a lovely cup of coffee.I know you and many others have been going through various trials and testings. I know the tears you have cried and all the times you have wanted to give up. I want to remind you that God sees you as a masterpiece and you are the apple of his eye. It’s not easy to understand his plan for our lives , because we only see in part.However he sees the whole picture , just like the Potter sees the clay.

In Jeremiah chapter 18 the lord asks Jeremiah to go the potter’s house, where the potter was working at the wheel. I can almost see the potter with his pottery apron, sitting at the wheel smiling because he knows he is making something good, and purposed. The Potter than sees that the pot he was shaping becomes flawed and he starts to re-shape it , remould it and forms into another vessel. This is what the Lord says to Jeremiah.“Can I not do with you, Israel, as this potter does?” declares the Lord. “Like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in my hand, Israel -Jeremiah 18:6 (new international version). It’s almost impossible to see the vision of the kind of pottery the potter is making , to us it looks mostly like a big muddy mess. In that mess he shapes us into something uniquely different and beautiful.

The potter is deeply in love with the clay. I know how tough it has been, but you are not alone the Father is holding your hand, the Holy spirit is comforting you and Jesus is interceding for you every step of the way. There is nothing that you cannot overcome. When you feel like things are starting to spiral out of control, coming to his feet. Just to worship him and spend time with the him often eradicates all negative emotions and breaks every attack. When we gaze our eyes upon him we realise nothing else matters but him. “Worship is the secret place that hides the heart from the advances of the enemy.

We were created to worship thats why so often when we worship we receive such fullness and clear perspective. I want to invite you to take a walk with me into an encounter I had with the Lord .Take my hand , as we take the steps together.

As we take the first step we start to feel softer ground, you can feel the cushioning under your feet. Its beautiful luscious green grass. As you walk the grass starts to form . We not looking down we looking up and as we stare into the heavens raised hands worshipping him. A big drop falls unto your forehead can you feel that, you raise your hands higher and again more drops start to fall. Even though you tired you still worship , and you become more steadfast. slowly the drops of water increase, and then slightest gushing starts to take place. All the time your eyes are closed and you become extremely light in the presence of God. Then all of sudden you hear the sound of many waters(abundance) and you can feel and touch it .

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The water hits over your face down to your feet. As this happen flowers start to grow and bloom and the grass becomes more luscious and starts to lift you higher. Slowly you open your eyes and standing in front us is a massive waterfall. A waterfall of his presence, a waterfall of abundance and a waterfall of revival.A waterfall of absolute wonder , you so in awe of the waterfall you don't see the flowers reaching massive heights. Deeps calls out to deep at sound of your waterfalls…Psalm 42:7 (New international version)

He is such a mighty and majestic father. Thank you for allowing me to share this encounter with you, it definitely allows us to experience new depths with him. I want to encourage you to press in for him to let the waterfalls gush over you, to refresh and revive you. Strengthen you, realign you and bless you.

I believe you are a great carrier of his revival and glory.

This is your season ! When peter testified and urged people to be saved in the book of acts his words powered by the holy spirit moved the hearts of many people .Those who accepted his message were baptized, and about three thousand were added to their number that day-Acts 2:40 ( New international version). When you speak hearts will be moved mightily. The spirit of revival is unfolding and with it comes great revelation.

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As he brings healing to our hearts and moves the hearts of his people and the hearts of fathers returning to their children. Prodigal’s return to the father’s arms receiving the signet ring.Don’t be afraid to be the light in the darkness . Don’t be silent in this time, use you voice like Esther did. Be the one who finds the gold in other people. Let us continually encourage one another despite circumstances.

Let us Pray Father we thank you for the power of your word . We give you praise glory and honor for the mighty things you about to do. We declare over your child reading this blog wholeness of the heart. We break off every strategy of the enemy to derail them from the plans of God. We release and speak divine encounters. Abba father stir up the spirit of revival within them in Jesus name. We release the gifts of revelation and discernment in Jesus name and the abundance of breakthrough like waterfalls over their lives in Jesus name Amen.

Till we meet again

I am so proud of you and I am praying for you.

Trisha Patel



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Trisha Patel

Founder of milk & honey media. Servant of Christ and catalyst of revival. Devoted wife and mother of three.